The level of Wbjee is almost equal or slightly lower than Jee mains Exam. The Main difference is of exam Pattern and Exam duration which makes their Level different. The wbjee exam single correct and multiple correct answers pattern questions. So pattern is completely different from jee mains.

In Wbjee Exam Number of Questions is more due to which the students do lots of silly mistakes. Time management is very importantin Wbjee while in Jee mains Number of Questions is less than wbjee exam.

The level of maths of wbjee is slightly higher or almost same to Jee mains exam. Physics and chemistry level is slightly lower in wbjee exam.

Wbjee exam has less good number of government colleges like Jadavpur university, Kalyani University . Due to this the wbjee competition becomes tough in college selection process. from jee mains exam, you have the option of almost more than 30 Nit's college all over india.

To get the Wbjee best college you have to score more than 60% marks in exam because number of seats are very less in wbjee.

That's why overall Wbjee is considered as tough than jee mains.

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