How to make thumbnails of YouTube Videos on Android

YouTube Videos attract users attention and massive traffic only if attractive high-quality thumbnail is present. Now it's very easy to make thumbnails of YouTube Videos on your android mobile. Using App from google play store you can create thumbnail for different videos.

Why Thumbnail is important for YouTube Videos?

The Demand for Videos Thumbnail is very high because if your content is very good but thumbnail is poor you will lack massive traffic. If other users content is not as good enough but his thumbnail is attractive, it drives massive amount of traffic. So a proper thumbnail is very important for more views on videos and for more earnings.

How To Get HD Thumbnail for YouTube Videos?

Go to Google play store and search PixelLab. PixelLab is very good for creating thumbnail.

After the download and installation process you can start creating your attractive thumbnails.

If you want to make thumbnail using Computer/Laptop you can make using canva. Canva is a best website where you can create your thumbnails, YouTube Post, Instagram Post, Facebook Post, Twitter Post,etc.

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  1. Its very useful for you tubers with good content an attractive thumbnail must be their for public attention. 😊


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