How to edit blogger profile- 2023
How to edit blogger profile- 2023

Today blogger platform is widely used as blogging in various topics like technology, health, travel, reviews, etc. People are much interested in knowing the blogger profile, various reason for that. One of the reason is blogging on blogger platform is free. To make your profile interesting, you must know How to edit blogger profile- 2023.

There are various options available to edit at blogger platform like display name, profile picture, your work experience, your hobby, etc. All to make your profile fascinating. Here I will explain all the things One-by-one to edit your blogger profile.

How To edit Blogger Profile :-

Login your blogger at  . and go to the setting. In setting at the last you will find user profile under General option as shown below. Click on User profile to edit it.

How to edit blogger profile

After you will be able to access your profile data where you can edit and save it.

Now I will show you what are the various things you can customize .

What is Blogger Profile:-

Blogger profile is just like your other social media profile which has the information about you. You can easily edit your blogger profile in the setting of your blogger.

How to Hide or Share your Blogger Profile:-

Under Privacy section, you will find the first option- Share my Profile. Checking this option will allows you to share your blogger profile and if you want to hide your blogger profile do not check it, leave it empty as shown below.

Share blogger profile
Share Blogger Profile

Next is show my email address option which allow you to share your email address if you select it.

How to show single or multiple blogs at blogger profile:-

Most of the users have more than one blogs. If you want to show or hide your different blogs on your blogger profile, you can edit under option- Show my blogs .

How to change display name and email address of blogger profile:-

Under the identity section, you can easily edit or change your display name and display email address.

How to change Profile Photo :-

Under profile photo section, you can easily change or edit your profile picture.

How to change URL in Blogger profile

Under the general section you can change your site URL, your Favorite URL(wishlist URL), Gender .

Next you can Edit some of the things like:-

>Your Intro, Hobbies like favorite music, movies, books and your interests all to make your profile  beautiful and fascinating   

After all Click Save profile to save it. By this way you can edit your complete blogger profile. Hope you find it a easy way and if you feel any querries you can ask below in comment section.


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