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Webify blogger template is a high-quality premium template suitable for the various type of blog such as News, Technology, Finance, Banking, Sports and many others. This template is well suited for the users whose blog is related to News and Technology. All the features required for high quality look is available with this template. If you are thinking to make your website look premium, dynamic, professional and user friendly, then this template is best for you. So here I will share the features of Webify blogger template and how you can download its free and premium version.

Basic Features of the Webify premium blogger template

1. Responsive : This template comes with 100% Responsive design which is the basic need of every blog or website. 

2. Responsive YouTube videos:- This Theme comes with feature of responsive YouTube videos.

3. Boxed Mode:- This means that your blog content will be inside the box that looks very cool and satisfying.

4. AdSense friendly :- The template is AdSense friendly and the theme also comes with special ad spot.

5. Fast Load and SEO optimized:- This template is quick and SEO optimized which is an important factor for the ranking of every blog or website on search engine.

Full Loading Time:- 1.3 secondsalert-success

Some of the cool features of the Webify premium blogger template

1. Dark Mode :- This template has a feature of one-click dark mode which is available in premium version of the template. Dark mode helps to reduce eye strain and useful to those users who eyes are sensitive to the bright light. 

2. Table of contents:- This too comes with premium version of the template and is really important feature if your website is on blogger platform. Since on Blogger you need to manually add the table of contents. But webify template provides you the inbuilt table of contents plugin.

3. Recent comment widget- This template provides you the latest features of recent comment widget.

Below is the link to buy this template from the templateify store. I personally recommend that if you want access to all the features and lifetime template updates, go for Premium version.

Some Features that are not available in free version of the webify template are:-
Dark Mode
Table Of contents
Special Ad Spot
Fast Lode and SEO Optimized
Custom Footer alert-warning

Once you buy its premium, you will have access to apply on unlimited domains and full customization of the template. If you find any query, you can contact us or ask in comment section.

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