Now you can make whatsapp Stickers by yourself and share easily with your friends. We know that in now-a-days whatsapp stickers are more popular than text. As sticker express more feelings and it's too much fun. So everyone wants to have stuff of stickers with them so that they can share with others.

Here I will show you step-by-step method to make whatsapp stickers of your own:-

  1. First you have to install Sticker maker app from Google Play Store:

2. After the installation, click on Create a new stickerpack where you will have to enter Stickerpack name and Stickerpack Author. This helps to name your sticker so that you can add to your whatsapp account easily.

3. Suppose I filled the Stickerpack name- Fun and Author name- Rohit. New file will be created with         the name Fun and Author Rohit and will appear as:

4. After that select your created file Fun and start adding any photos from your gallery or camera and start create exciting stickers. This is very simple way, just add the photos and start cropping the images and your sticker will be ready.

5. After creating stickers, the most important step is to add your created stickers to your whatsapp account. Then only you will able share with anyone from your whatsapp.

This way you will easily able to create any whatsapp sticker and share with your friends and this is the best way to have extra fun on whatsapp because creating sticker by own and sharing is a really great feeling.

Hope u Like it...

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