As we know that google adsense is a great way to monetize your site. So recently google adsense announced a special feature of ads for desktop users i.e on wider screen. So it has become very important to know what is vignette ads and tow this special features by google adsense.

What is Vignette Ads?

Vignette ads were already available for mobile users but its now also be available for desktop users.

It will start appearing from 4th November but only for those users who had enabled the auto ads in their site. On 21st October google adsense anounced this vignette ads feature.

Benefit of Vignette Ads:-

The major benefits of vignette ads is that it will enhance your adsense revenue and I think this benefit is enough for users. As the ads will show on full wide screen it will increase the number of click on ads and thereby increasing ads revenue. As we know that google pay for click on ads.

But there are also some disadvantage of vignette ads. If ads will appear will appear on full screen, click on ads will increase which may cause invalid click or traffic on your site that may lead to suspension of your adsense account.

As adsense safety is important for everyone so to prevent this disable this vignette ads option from desktop mode if your site has low traffic. Although its your choice to enable on mobile.

How to enable Vignette ads ?

  1. Go to official website of google adsense. After sign in go to ads overview option. make sure that you have enable the auto ads on your blog.
  2. Click on edit option given below at the bottom right.
  3. Then enable vignette ads option on both mobile and desktop mode based on your choice.

By this your site or blog will be ready for vignette ads but wait till 3rd November. Since this feature will work from 4th November. Hope You like this and it helps you.

Thank You..

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