Follow these 12 steps to get Adsense Approval easily in 2021

Google Adsense is one of the most famous earning source of website or blog. Although there are various other ad network but the first priority is definitely Google Adsense. It's not tough to get adsense approval for your blog or website but at the same time, We people makes the process of approval tough. If we focus on its policies and some basic point of Adsense approval, Your site will definitely be approved. So, Here i will share with you the 12 steps to get Adsense Approval easily in 2023.

How to Get Adsense Approval Easily

Some points you are missing and make sure that you follow the policies of adsense. Must Read- Adsense approval policies Don't worry i will explain here each and every important points for approval.

One of the main factor for most of the users not getting adsense approval is due to less domain age. Never add your new website for adsense approval. Since, your website or blog must have some unique high quality around 20-30 posts. And after 1 month, you should apply for Adsense approval. For most of the users, their main motto is to get the Adsense approval. Yes, it must be but only if your website is ready for that.alert-warning

Must Follow These 12 Steps For Adsense Approval:-

  1. You must have top Level domain like .com, .in, .net, .tech, .org, .info, etc. This will helps you to get quick Adsense approval. Even you can get adsense approval in .blogspot but it takes times, but if your content is unique and high quality, you can easily get approval. Now-a-days .xyz is also getting adsense approval easily. But never go for free domain like .tk, .pk.,etc. You can start your Blog for free at blogger. 

  2. Domain must have SSL certificate. 

How much domain will cost?

Price of domain varies according to the domain extension you choose. Like .com cost more than other domain extension, but don't assume that if you buy .com domain your site will rank higher in google. It all depends on your blog content quality.  

.com will cost you about 10 - 12 dollar and .in approx 7-8 dollar so there is not much difference.

  1. Next is the hosting of the website, hosting is a place where your complete website data is stored and which allows to customize your site. So choose best hosting service. Some hosting companies like Bluehost , hostinger, Hostgator, Godaddy, Namecheap, SiteGround are the popular ones.

  2. Hostings does not cost much for the begineers but if you do not want to invest for hosting you can choose Blogger Platform. Blogger Platform is a free service to host Your site and 100% eligible for adsense approval. You can add custom domains in blogger to remove .blogspot.
  1. After the hosting and domain set up you just need to set up your site Theme. Make sure that you choose responsive and mobile friendly theme for your website. Theme represents the design and structure of your site.

  2. Next everything is content, yes definitely Content is the king of website. higher the quality of your content greater the chance of adsense approval. Do not copy and paste content from other site source.

  3. Create Atleast 20-26 high quality content of minimum 600 words each. Even you can go for 1200 words but all that matters is quality of the content. Include some images in your post, it will enhance your page look and design.

  4. Never use copyright images, try to create your own image or you can go for free images. Lots of websites are there where you can easily get free images like pixabay, canva, pixlr, etc.

  5. Do not use any other ad alternatives before Adsense approval. After adsense approval you can use other ad alternative that are compatible with adsense. 

  6. Create Important Pages like About UsContact UsPrivacy Policy(very important), Terms and ConditionsDisclaimer. These pages is must for your site approval. No privacy Policy in your site results in direct rejection.

  7. Connect your site with social media links like Facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest,etc. benefits for site traffic.

  8. Don't worry about site traffic, just focus on content. There is no such traffic criteria mentioned.

After you follow the above 12 steps, you can apply for Adsense approval. Make sure that your website is 1 months old or more than that. Patience and Passion is key for adsense approval. Even I applied for my blog after 3 months and I succeeded. So, give time to your blog, let your website index and rank better in google and then apply for adsense.

If you follow the above steps, definitely you will get adsense approval. Hope you like the content and if you have any query related to it, feel free to contact us or ask us in comment section.


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