How to start Blogger and its complete setup:

Blogger has become a great passion for everyone, since you can earn a decent amount of money from it. Becoming pro in blogging is not an easy task, it requires lots of time, hard work and patience. So to start blogging from provides lots of advantage. One of the major advantage is that is completely free.

Now the question arises how to start blogging, is it easier or tough to get on it. Personally I feel that blogger do not require much technical skills or experience. But blogger requires some skills related to its setup like how to index your blogging site on google, and many things related to its setting. So here i will guide you how to do blogger complete setup.

How to start Blogger and to do its setup:

Step 1: Go to the site- Sign up with your google account to access blogger.

Step 2: Now go to create new blog option where you have to add two things: title of your blog and the address of your blog but remember your address will end with Because to add .com, .in, .net, etc. you have to buy a custom domain.

What is the benefit of the custom domain?

The only benefit of custom domain is that it will rank your website higher in google and something which will have your own.

Step 3: After this you can setup your blog theme and click on view blog to launch your blog.

Step 4: you can change your blog template from theme by clicking on Restore and upload the new template xml file. then save it.

Step 5: Add title, search description of your blog from settings.

Step 6: Add your site to google search console, submit sitemap and enable custom robot.txt. These are very important to index your blog.

Step 7: Click on New Post to add post in your blog. After writing post add labels, customize permalinks, add meta descriptions and then publish your post.

Step 8: you can edit the template layout of blog by going to layout option.

Step 9: Add your blog to google analytics to see the real-time traffic and complete stats of your blog. Although stats option is also available on blogger.

So these were the main settings which are must for blogger. I hope you will focus on these settings carefully for making your blog beautiful and responsive.

Hope it helps..

Thank You.

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