How much traffic required for adsense approval

Hello Everyone,  Hope you launched your blog successfully. When you are done with some high quality content on your blog, curiosity arises of mainly two things- one is adsense approval and other is traffic. But majority of the people give more priority to adsense. But to earn from adsense you need traffic on your website. So here i will make you clear about how much traffic required for adsense approval.

How much traffic required for adsense approval

Let me answer to you this question directly that there is no minimum traffic required for adsense approval. Since there is nothing mentioned regarding the traffic in google adsense policy. Generally It happens when you start a blog successfully and post enough contents and then the question arises is there any traffic requirement for adsense approval? Even I got my site adsense approved with zero traffic. But ultimately you need some traffic on your blog or website to earn.

Basically site with zero traffic will not earn anything from adsense so its better to build traffic and then go for Adsense. You have seen lots of website available of internet is adsense approved but they are not earning just because of low or zero traffic.

So my only suggestion is that first focus on your content, keyword and try to rank on google . When your site will gain some traffic then apply for monetization so that you can utilize it. 

When should I apply for adsense

When you are done with 20-25 unique posts of minimum 500 words each. 
When your site ranks well in the search engine and then definitely your website will gain some traffic. Although you don't need traffic for approval but ultimately you need it to earn. 

So if you feel any querry regarding it you can contact us or ask in comment section.

Best Of Luck!

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