update PUBG mobile Korean version from Google Play store

As we know that PUBG mobile is banned in India. So in order to update your pubg game you use other third party app like Taptap. But here i will show you the easy method to update PUBG mobile Korean version from Google Play store. For that you need to follow some of the simple steps.

If you are indian users you won't find any Pubg or korean(kr) version of it . But if you follow some easy tricks you can easily get PUBG on playstore and you can update it. Below are some of the steps to Update PUBG mobile from Google play store:-

Step 1: First of all you need to create a new Google or Gmail account .

Step 2: After creating new google account, install a VPN from play store. I generally use Solo VPN. After the installation process, connect your vpn to korean server. 

Step 3: Now Go to google play store and add your new Google account which you have newly created. After adding google account, just search PUBG mobile kr and you will find that it is available on your android play store. 

Step 4: Click on update to update your game.

This method is applicable for android indian users.alert-success

So by this you can easily update PUBG mobile Korean version from Google Play store. You don't need any other apps to update PUBG mobile game.

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Note:- Once you update your PUBG game , for next update you may need to create new google account.alert-info

Hope you find it very easy method and if you have any query feel free to contact us or ask in comment section.

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