After realising the speed of other websites people become very curious to know where the website is being hosted. Because its the speed of website which matters a lot. The more fast loading website ranks higher in google and has many benefits in the search engine. So Here I will show you How to Know the hosting company of any website. 

First we need to check the speed of the website. Then only we will get the idea that which website is performing well. And then comes the main criteria i.e. to know the hosting provider of website. Here I will also show you how you can check the website speed .

How to Know the speed and overall performance of the website:-

To know the speed and overall performance of any website, there are some Top website where you can analyze any URL and compare the speed of website. Mostly You can prefer - . Just Paste the URL of any website and click on Test Your site or press ENTER. So this will help you to know the performance of the website.

How to Know the hosting company of any website :-

To Know the hosting provider of any website just go to- . Paste the URL and just Click on Find Host. Now You can see below image, not only the hosting provider but you will also be to know the IP address, Server location, etc. of website.

How to Know the hosting company of any website
Paste the URL and Click Find Host

So by this way you can analyze any website and improve your website by moving to the best hosting provider according to your choice. If You have high traffic website you can go for cloud web hosting because it provides maximum speed and security. 

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