How to set up custom domain on blogger

Adding Custom Domain Not only removes the .blogspot from website domain but it also add the brand value to your website. It makes your site looks original and similar to other sites. Custom domain also enhance the growth and ranking of your website. So, here I will show you How to set up custom domain on Blogger. 

Basically I am gonna show you how to add custom domain of Hostinger on Blogger. Hostinger provides the cheapest domain even I purchase many domain name from. You can Choose either of Hostinger, GoDaddy, Namecheap to buy Domain Name of your website. So let's add value to your Brand with the help of custom domain.

Step-by-step Guide to set up Custom Domain on Blogger:-

1. First of all Login to Your blogger account and Go to the settings. In Setting, You will find Custom domain under Publishing Section as shown below:-


Click To Add Custom Domain
Click To Add Custom Domain

2. Add the name of the domain with www . for example domain name is . Enter as shown below. If you do not enter www it will show error.


Type Domain Name
Type Domain Name

3. Then Click Save and you will find the list of details like CNAME to enter as shown below:-



4. Same dialog Box shown above you will find when you enter the custom domain. Now enter the two CNAME's record in your DNS section. For that log in to Your Hostinger Account and then go the domains area where you will find the list of Domains that you purchased.

5. Go to the DNS section and select CNAME as shown Below:-


6. Enter the two CNAME's Record as shown below:-

7. Next is to enter the A Record. This is to mainly the list of IP address that is used to point a domain. Below is the list of A records to enter.

Enter these Records in A type. Enter @ in name section and A records in Points to section.alert-success

After adding two CNAME's and 4 A's Record, Your custom domain is added to your Blog.

8. Next is to Redirect Domain as domain to www as shown below.

Redirect domain to www
Redirect domain to www

9. Next is to redirect HTTP to HTTPS. This will secure your website with HTTPS. 
Redirect HTTP to HTTPS
Redirect HTTP to HTTPS

Now your custom Domain added successfully. But it will takes some time to get ready. Sometimes it can takes upto 24-48 hrs. If you face any querries feel free to contact us or you can ask in comment section.

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